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Welcome to wishing_on, the LJ community for the JGroup Run&Gun.

The community is a totally free and open place for all fans of the boys, so don't hesitate to join, post and have fun!

This community was created by Aurélie, and is now moderated with the help of Mei and Evy. Please contact them if you have any questions.

To join: Go here

RUN&GUN is a J-POP band, previously produced by Daisuke Asakura. Although these days they don't produce albums or perform as a singing group anymore, but instead direct their focus on acting. They all get together at least once a year to perform a RUN&GUN stage which includes all four members and some guest actors and have a regular radio program on the net call RUN&GUN spot. Next to that they all have plenty of individual projects, but often their paths will cross in stages or movies and multiple members will star in a single production.

The current members are Kamiyama Ryuji, Miyashita Yuya, Nagata Akira and Yonehara Kousuke.
♪ Feel free to post an introduction about yourself, to let the other fans know who you are and how you know Run&Gun for example, thought it's not required.

♪ Please write in a way everybody can understand. Don't worry if you're not a native English speaker, there will always be someone who will understand you.

♪ Always be courteous, don't flame or insult other members of the community and/or actors. If you don't like someone, you can tell it in your own journal.

♪ Any kind of media is more than welcome. But everything must be friend's locked. Requests are allowed, but must be locked too.

♪ Use and abuse the LJ-cuts, especially for long post, youtube movies and/or huge pictures. Thank you!

♪ Please check the memories and the tags of the community before posting.

♪ Have fun, and spread the love ♥
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