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Birthday picspam: Ryuji + Yuya

Ryuji Birthday Pic Spam!
Yuya Birthday Pic Spam!

About ten years ago, Ryuji was cute and little! But already a dork.

He was even shorter than Kousuke!

But he slowly grew up!

And became more and more handsome~

This is Ryuji's first girlfriend... >.>

Ryuji's first stage experience!

In the first run&gun stage, he shows he is capable of putting down a strong role!

Doesn't he look all grown up suddenly?

Still one of my favorite roles he ever played~~

Hmm, arms~~

Yoosoro was quite amazing too~

Who doesn't love a man who likes small pets?

Ryuji + cape = otp

I bet nobody else can look so gloomy in a pink shirt

He grows more handsome every day~

But sometimes he still looks like a dork...



Handsome and a dork!

We all love him as Romeo~

And this gif simply defines what kind of person Ryuji is~

And now that I blew you all off your seat, onto the Yuya picspam!

He started of as a cute little boy too!

A fluffy little boy!

He likes to do strange things...

And thinks he's a scary monkey!

Birthday boys need to feed each other.

And slowly he grows up! And likes sparkly things! And what is it with all this pink?

In Blue Sheets he looks quite handsome~~

And shows us he can play the guitar.

Simply adorable

But he likes to be silly too

He didn't change as drastic in looks as Ryuji did, but he definitely grew up!

He's way too cute. >_<

And he's amazing as Puck!

Happy Birthday
Yuya & Ryuji!
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